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The AKERU Self-Preservation System is a 25 year legacy providing guidance to youth community members to reclaim the sovereignty in their lives. Using traditional teaching discipline methods through cultural education, the AKERU process empowers participants to enhance their own value system through the rebuilding of personal accountability for future sustained success.

Historically, AKERU recruits social and human service students to participate as interns to assure consistent exchange of innovative ideas, thus the longevity of the program for the next generation.

AKERU is committed to providing apprenticeship training to those community members who have completed the program through life skills development education and wish to enter the field of human services as a professional.

AKERU also endeavors to provide social service under-graduate and graduate school candidates the opportunity to serve as interns in urban neighborhoods to demonstrate and strengthen their ability to transition from academic classroom theory/principles to practical community service.


AKERU Are...

Core Villages

In high density urban areas, where youth despair and resulting
violence are ongoing issues
Self-selected by the emergence of Local Leaders
Targeted by the Circle of Honor for development by the
Central Leadership Team



Outreach Villages

Anywhere that youth would benefit from an enhancement of
personal discipline
Targeted by the Circle of Honor for development by the
Central Leadership Team