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AKERU has provided over 30 years of service in community programming, a system incorporating the Afrikan cultural methods of academic & discipline sciences developed to provide a complete program stressing personal empowerment for achievement in daily life for continual success. Established in Philadelphia, PA in 1979, presently there are 5 International AKERU chapters monitored by program graduates. These individuals also travel to network with each other at least once per year to guarantee the continuity of the AKERU Legacy. To date, over 35,000 individuals have participated in AKERU seminars most recently for the following Associate Villages during 2006-2009:

The YMCA Potomac Overlook
Crossland & Suitland High Schools
Andrew Jackson Middle School (Prince Georges County, MD)
Prince George’s County Parks & Recreation Department Centerville Elementary School (Fairfax County, VA)

The Boys & Girls Club/Anna Arundel Department of Health World
AIDS Day Presentation (Anna Arrundel County, MD)
Howard University (Washington, DC)
North Carroll HS (Hamstead, MD)
Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services/Anacostia

CTV Channel 76 News
WUSA-TV Channel 9
New Bethel Baptist Church–Reverend Dr. & Mrs. W. E. Fauntroy
Sunrise Academy (Washington, DC)
Total Family Care Coalition
Girl’s Inc.
Young Women Drum, Inc.

Surratsville High School (Prince Georges County, Maryland)
Cardozo High School (Washington, DC)
Good Sheppard Center (Baltimore, MD)
Women’s Department of Health (Washington, DC)
District Of Columbia Youth Advisory Council (Washington, DC)
1st Youth Anti-violence Break Dancing Extravaganza
Special Guest - Mr. Christopher “Play” Martin (South Carolina)
1st National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in MD - 2006-2008
Student Pledge Against Gun Violence Campaign in DC, MD, NJ, PA, SC, VA-
Seat Pleasant Elementary School (Prince Georges County, MD)


Juvenile Asthmatic Manual for Physical Education
Women’s Urban Safety Manual
C.L.A.P. (Chess Life Applied Program)
R.I.C.H. (Reestablishing Individual Character Habits)
L.E.A.P. (Life Experience Aptitude Program) / CHOICE Program
“Journey Of A People – From Afrikan Soil To American Shores” (Afrikan Studies)
ETV – South Carolina – “Youth Gangs” VHS/DVD
Autobiography – “A Journey Of Self-Preservation – The Legacy of AKERU”
Daughters Of The American Revolution – Damascus Chapter, Maryland - Candidate
The Washington Informer – October, 2008 / The AFRO Washington Paper – February, 2009


Doctorate of Behavioral Science
Howard University - Adjunct Professor - Anthropology
Department of Defense Teaching Certification - 1996
Most Outstanding Youth Crisis Educator - SC State Mental Health Hospital - 2004 & 2005
Youth Pledge Against Gun Violence Proclamation – SC & MD Contact Representative – 2004 -2009
Effie Barry Capacity Building – HIV/AIDS Awareness Grant Award Recipient - 2008
35 Year Professional Youth Choreographer / Theatre Artist
30 Year Certified Afrikan Cultural Educator & Performing Artist
Philadelphia Department of Education School Assembly Presenter - 1978 To Present


  • 1st & Only Female International Competitor in the Afrikan Martial Sciences – 1980 - Present
  • Certified Crisis Mediation & Urban Defense Specialist – (1st Female) - 1988 - Present
  • Armed Forces Certified Combative Arts Instructor (1st Female) – 1993 - Present
  • World Martial Arts League – Hall Of Fame Inductee (1st Female) – 2000 – Germany
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee – United States (1st Female) - 2003
  • World Games Gold Medalist - 1988 / Armed Forces Gold Medalist – 1992
  • 1800 Trophies 4 Gold Medals, 2 World Titles and 142 Grand Championships Titles
  • Living Legend Award – Promoters Plus – USA – (1st Female) 2005
  • World Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement Martial Artist (1st Female) – 2006
  • World Martial Arts League Appointment – Directorship (1st Female) – 2006
  • Battle Of Baltimore – Grand Champion Diamond Ring Award - 2006
  • 10th Degree Black Belt Certification – 2006
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame - 2007 & 2008
  • World Martial Arts League Hall of Fame – Grandmaster Life Contributions 1st Female- 2007
  • Grandmaster of the Year (1st Female) – London, England – 2008
  • National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Presenter - 2008
  • Head of Family Martial Arts Federation Grandmaster of the Year (1st Female) – 2008
  • Thunder Kick 2/The Movie – Guest Presenter – Grandmaster Leo T. Fong – Director - 2009
  • International Martial Arts Times Magazine - March/April 2010