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AKERU Is Because...

…there have been many individuals who have shared their talents with us throughout the years. I would never have reached any goal without the help of people who believed in the mission of AKERU. The names that are listed below are mentioned in highlight but in no way should this be seen as an effort to exclude anyone. Through this website, whether in picture or print, we wish to pay homage to those who have been there for us over the years.

To My Vita Saana Instructor

Mwanzo Umeme Mpingo Maharibi
For Being the Source Of My Knowledge Of Self-Preservation

To My Sons

Mwalimu Anthony and Mwalimu Adrian
For Tolerating All The Traveling To and From VS Training During Those Philly Winters
To My Younger Sibling

Mwalimu Danny
For Holding Fort Down While I Traveled To Win All Those Trophies!
To My Cousin

For Justifying My Pursuit Of A Second Career Of Kickn' A**

To My Vita Saana Brothers

Mwalimu Sondai, Mwalimu Basil, Mwalimu Ace, Mwalimu Alex,
Mwalimu Ngwaya, Mwalimu Ron, & Mwalimu Abdib
For Delivering Knowledge With Precision and Care

To My Ancestor / Mentors,

Baba Kweme Ishangi,
Who taught me that spiritual does not mean spooky…
Grand Patriarch Peter Urban,
Who identified my martial arts gift.

To My Martial Science Father

Grandmaster Manuel Argrella
Most Humble Appreciation for the wisdom over the years!

To My Elder/Mentors

Grandmaster Timothy Gilbert and his wife Linda
For the best advice I have had in years…
”Look Ma No Hands!”

Instructor/ Colleagues

Grandmaster Dennis Brown, Master Norman Smith,
Master Tom Hardy, Mestre Dennis Newsome, Grandmaster Klaus Schumacher,
Grandmaster Dewey Earwood

To My Beloved Moorish Warrior

Hodari Kiongozi-Bey
It is such a Blessing to have found my twin soul!
June 28th -29th Forever!

To My Afrikan Family Villages

Ahati Kilindi Iyi
Mama Jendiya Iyi – Mama Ayanna Iyi – Mama Joy Iyi
Sankofa - Oshaari - Baba Kenny – Mama Jerry

To My Afrikan Family Villages

Ta Merrian Afrikan Martial Arts

To My Sikh Family Villages

Yudh Gatka Akhara (YUDH - Combat Training Academy) - Associate Village Academy

Sarabjeet Singh - Ustaad

Mwalimu Hodari Preeti Kaur - Director of Internships/Graphic Designer

Professor Amrita Kaur - Vice Chairman, Board of Directors/Cultural Program Advisor

"Soorma - A True Warrior Who Fights For Humanity.
Even If Cut Limb By Limb, A Soorma Shall Never Leave The Battlefield."

To The AKERU Nation

Elders, Brothers, Sisters, Children and Grandchildren
Germany - Texas - Virginia - South Carolina
Pennsylvania - Canada

Especially To…..
Linda - for refusing to throw a stone *** Selena – the first student
Jasiri - for being the first Akeru Mwalimu
Jesse - for his smile with all those children
Jake - for his daring personality *** Johnny – for rebuilding “the bridge”

Shaheed – for keeping the connection *** Addie – for keeping me on track
Trent – for finishing the course *** Kelvin – for finishing the course
Ebony – for becoming accountable
Katoria – for giving me a reason to keep in shape
Marc – for being the masquerade *** Nicole – for the super ego
Neil - for keeping it all in line with that “Not Today” Stare
Jerimiah - for long distance training
Ahmel - for being the balanced one *** Jalia Maisha - for being little sister
Iya Mrs. Royster - for keeping a wise eye over me
Dawit and Davon - for being the future

The AKERU Women’s Council Elders & Warrior Advisors

Iya DiAna DiAna *** Iya Barbara Stroman

Mwalimu Abbey “Lady Dragon” Wilson

For Being An Instructor Of AKERU
Asante For Being The Only One Who Walked Into The Fire
& Took The Bullet For Me!